About Us

Chad Bonaker hiking from Robin in a hiking backpack

Light and Ink started as a landscape photography store 15 years ago.  Since that time, we have branched out into other forms of digital expression.

The images here come from a lot of places.  Midjourney is often a jumping off point, but the process from words to image winds through many stations, including photoshop, upscaling, and remixing with other medium.  Often we're attempting to capture a style that my mom would have liked to hang on her walls, although it's doubtful the Skull Hangover image would have fit her tastes.

If you don't see an image or style you like, reach out and we can work with you to create an image that fits your style that can slot into your space.

We've tried to keep costs down where possible, but the world being like it is, we don't have a lot of control other than to reduce our take.  We have attempted to select provides with the most reasonable shipping fees.  Specialized products often cost more to ship.  There are often good shipping discounts on multiple items.  Take a look at our shipping page for more details.

Thank you for taking an moment to explore this shop.  These images represent the best of more than 2500 explorations.  Even if you don't wish to purchase an item, please take a moment to say a few words about something you like here.  Perhaps its will inspire someone else to explore what's possible.    

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